Jointline Team Takes on Total Warrior Challenge to Support Sue Ryder Trust

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A dedicated team from Jointline is gearing up to tackle the formidable Total Warrior challenge in support of the Sue Ryder Trust. Organised by Luke Hayton-Sollitt, one of our highways line marking foremen with a personal connection to Sue Ryder, this challenge carries great meaning for the entire team.

Total Warrior, dubbed the Great Northern Mud Run, promises an adrenaline-fueled journey through 12 kilometers of gruelling terrain peppered with 25 challenging obstacles, including fire, ice, and, of course, copious amounts of mud. The event is set to unfold on June 22nd at Branham Park in Leeds.

For Luke, this venture transcends mere physical exertion. With his father, James, having received palliative care at a Sue Ryder home, the cause hits close to home. Luke reflects, "Sue Ryder Care - Wheatfields Hospice & the Sue Ryder Grief campaign have taken my family & I under their wings from day one of my father’s care."

In a heartfelt tribute to his father's memory and the unwavering support of Sue Ryder, Luke pledges to raise awareness and funds tirelessly. He remarks, "Before my father’s passing, I promised him and Sue Ryder I would spread as much awareness as possible. I would fundraise till my own last breath to ensure Sue Ryder's care, love, and support continues!"

Team Jointline embodies unity and purpose, comprising eight dedicated members from various facets of the business, all driven by a collective commitment to the cause. Jointline acknowledges the efforts of Luke, his team, and all involved, recognising their dedication and has kick-started the fundraising efforts with a generous donation of £1000. Their target of £3000 aims to provide crucial care during challenging times for individuals in circumstances akin to Luke's own experience.

Gary Massey, Managing Director at Jointline, expressed his pride in the team's collective effort to support Sue Ryder and Luke. "I couldn't be prouder of our team rallying together," he remarked. "Their dedication to this cause exemplifies the values we hold dear as a company, and I am confident that their efforts will make a meaningful impact in supporting those in need."

We also invite our connections to support us with any contribution, no matter how small, as we work towards our fundraising target. You can donate using the team’s Just Giving page.


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