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High friction surfacing (or Antiskid) involves the application of high-quality aggregate to the surface using a binder to increase surface friction.  The higher the friction the more it helps motorists to stay in control of their vehicles, reduces stopping distances and prevents pedestrians and employees from slipping. It is used for traffic calming, bus or cycle lane demarcation, on roundabout approaches, on ramped areas and at pedestrian crossings.

Jointline Limited are BBA HAPAS approved and have a wealth of experience in the application of high friction surfacing. Along with being a Highways England installer of High Friction Surfacing we work for clients such as Leeds City Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and a number of MAC agents on their anti skid requirements.

We are able to carry out hot applied thermoplastic and cold applied epoxy high friction surfacing depending on client or locality requirements. In addition to proprietary carriageway surfacing using type 1 and type 2 materials, we are also able to offer decorative anti skid works in a variety of applications.

Hot applied Thermoplastic Antiskid

Our hot screed applied thermostatic high friction surface treatment consists of a coloured polymer modified thermoplastic resin incorporating high PSV aggregates and mineral extender. A range of colours and PSV scored aggregates can be used to match your particular job’s specifications. The advantage of a thermoplastic (hot applied) system is that they are less weather sensitive and can be applied outside all year round on both new and worn surfaces. The Hot Applied Thermoplastic Antiskid system is fast drying and the area can be back in use only 20 minutes after application. It is particularly suitable for use on asphalt/tarmac but can be used on concrete with some surface preparation.

Cold applied Epoxy Antiskid

Our cold applied Epoxy antiskid/high friction surfacing system combines an epoxy resin combined with calcined bauxite to form a hard-wearing and high performance anti-skid road dressing. The cold applied epoxy system is very resistant to oils and solvent spillages and is suitable for use on traffic junctions, roundabouts, feeder lanes and pedestrian crossings. The seamless nature of this system is a big advantage. 

MMA High Friction Surfacing

MMA (Methyl Methcrylate) is a 2 part cold applied resin and when combined with appropriate aggregate is a fantastic, durable high friction surface solution. MMA cures very quickly. The area where it has been applied can be back in operation within only an hour, reducing disruption for regular users of the road or path. MMA High friction surfacing has excellent UV, road salt and chemical resistance increasing the durability of the treated surface.

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