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It is often essential that existing line markings are removed in their entirety before embarking on a new line marking scheme.  Not only will poorly removed line markings look messy, they also pose a serious risk to heath and safety and may contravene H&S regulations if they are in any way still visible. 

So whether  you need to change the layout of a warehouse, car park or major road way;  are looking to change the line marking material used on your scheme, or you need to eliminate damaged markings, we will work with you and your budget to ensure that all old line markings are removed safely and efficiently.

At Jointline we employ four permanent methods of line marking removal:


The Hydroblasting process uses high pressure water jets to quickly and efficiently remove line markings.  This process leaves virtually no damage to the surface from which the line has been removed, reducing the need for patching up and associated costs prior to re-lining or preventing the faster decline of the integrity of the surface. Because hydroblasting uses only water jets there is no environmental impact from this method of line removal.

Thermic Lance

The process of line removal using a thermic lance uses a high temperature lance to burn off the line markings. This is a traditional and cost effective method of line removal. 

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting involves firing highly pressurised steel shot at the line to remove it from the surface whilst leaving virtually no damage. Our shot-blasting machinery not only has a low environmental impact, but also incorporates a self-recovering vacuum system ensuring all dust and shot debris is collected during the process. As well as being quick and efficient, shot blasting is a dry process so allows for re-lining straight away. This process can double up as surface preparation for any new surface materials required.


Scabbling is particularly effective at line removal on concrete surfaces and works by planing off the existing line.  This is ideal for small areas where larger equipment either cannot reach or are not cost effective.

At Jointline we take health and safety very seriously.  All of our operatives are highly trained and experienced in all methods of line marking removal. Please see our health and safety accreditations for more information.

If you are unsure of the most suitable line marking removal method for your project or would like to discuss your project further please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be in touch to help you.


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