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We have several types of painted systems which can be applied to create line markings. We decide with our client the best paint system to use taking budget, place of application and desired longevity into account. Our paint systems are often applied using specialist spray equipment or by traditional mask and roll techniques.

Epoxy Paint and Chlorinated Rubber Paint for Line Markings

Epoxy Paint and Chlorinated rubber paint can both be spray or hand applied. They are both relatively quick curing, can be applied in various colours and onto a range of surfaces. Both systems are ideal for use in car parks, factory floors, school playgrounds and for indoor and outdoor sports surfaces. 

MMA (Methyl Methcrylate) Line Markings

MMA (Methyl Methcrylate) is a 2 part cold applied resin.  MMA cures very quickly so the site can return to normal service very quickly after application. It is an extremely durable product and as such is ideal for use in very high stress locations where extreme wear is expected such as roundabouts, junctions, zebra crossings and roads with very heavy traffic. It can be applied by hand or machine.

Two pack Epoxy Line Markings

Two Pack Epoxy is a two component product consisting of one part epoxy resin and one part polyamine hardener which are mixed, along with desired pigment prior to application. Because of the resin content 2 pack epoxy is extremely hard wearing and can withstand  harsh chemical spills. As a result two pack epoxy paint is suitable for use where heavy traffic will occur such as garages, loading bays, MOT stations, industrial factories, warehouses, car parks, and playgrounds. 

Anti-Slip Paint Systems for Line Markings

Depending on the setting of your job you can increase the safety for its users by mixing aggregate into the paint when line marking to create an Anti-Slip paint system. This serves to create a rough surface finish to the line and increases the anti-slip characteristics of the paint. This is particularly useful in settings with heavy pedestrian footfall and also on ramped surfaces in warehouses or other industrial settings to increase the grip of the surface for forklifts or other vehicles.

Water-based Paint Systems for Line Markings

We use water based acrylic line marking paint for school playgrounds and indoor/outdoor sports courts. It penetrates deeply into the substrate creating a virtually seamless finish and can withstand intense wear.  It is relatively fast drying, low odour and is available in a range of colours.

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