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Jointline are experts in the field of Thermoplastic Line Marking and are fully approved to Highways Sector Scheme 7.  We have satisfied customers including Highways England,  Heathrow Airport and Waitrose to name but a few.

Thermoplastic Line Marking involves the heating of raw thermoplastic binder with the desired colour pigment until it becomes liquified and able to be shaped onto the surface in either line or symbol form. Ballotini (glass beads) can be applied to the markings to enhance the retro-reflectivity, so they can easily be seen at night through reflection from car head lights; this also can assist in the antislip nature of the product. Thermoplastic is available in various colours, levels of luminance, skid resistance and reflectivity. Hot applied thermoplastic line markings are extremely durable and long lasting; they are the UK’s preferred road marking material. 

Some of the ways in which thermoplastic line marking can be applied are: 

Screed Application

The screed application is achieved by pouring the thermoplastic material through a heated screed mould or ‘line marking pram’ shoe. By selecting different sized moulds or shoe, the material can be applied at different widths to suit. Screed application is typically tailored to low output usage, such as hand applied items such as pedestrian crossings, arrows and lettering or to areas where the bigger truck mounted application is not practical. 

Extrusion Application

The Extrusion application uses our purpose built, self propelled vehicles and highly trained staff to apply hot thermoplastic through a gate opening. This produces a consistent line of pre-determined width and depth onto the prepared road surface. Glass beads, which create a reflective quality, are automatically applied in this one-pass process. The Extrusion Marking system is perfect for high output application such as on major roadways and for traffic lane delineation.  

Raised Rib Line Marking

Our Extrusion System can also be used to apply rib line markings. Rib line markings have a textured surface which creates an auditory and sensory effect when driven over. The textured surfaces are created by applying a ‘shuttering’ technique to the line as it is applied which creates the textured finish to the surface. Raised rib lines are perfect for hard shoulder marking or for delineating road edges such as central reservations. The auditory and sensory effects alert the driver to the fact that they are at the road edge and are an important safety feature of major roads. 

Whatever your line marking requirements we are happy to discuss them with you and work with you to provide a quotation and line marking solution perfect for the job in hand, simply click here to contact us.

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