Introducing the Wilson-Thomson Helipad

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We are thrilled to announce the completion of a line marking project at the Wilson-Thomson Helipad at Mull and Iona Community Hospital, a landmark project on the Isle of Mull, Scotland. This significant advancement marks a pivotal moment for emergency medical services in the region, enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of medical evacuations.

Before the establishment of this helipad, the hospital was reliant on a 45-minute ferry journey from Oban or a 15-minute road transfer to Glenforsa airstrip for helicopter medical evacuations. The new, purpose-built helipad enables Scottish Air Ambulance and larger HM Coastguard helicopters to land directly beside the hospital. This crucial development eliminates the need for land ambulance transfers, ensuring that patients can receive specialist treatment within the critical 'Golden Hour', dramatically improving outcomes.

The helipad is named in honour of John Wilson and the late Dr. Bill Thomson, whose tireless fundraising efforts were instrumental in the establishment of Mull and Iona Community Hospital. Their legacy continues to impact the community profoundly.

This project was made possible by a generous £400,000 donation from the HELP Appeal, the only charity in the UK dedicated to funding hospital helipads. Their support covered the entire cost of the helipad, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing healthcare accessibility and patient care across the nation.

Our teams faced formidable challenges during the painting of the Wilson-Thomson Helipad, with adverse weather conditions significantly hindering progress. Over the course of two days, our crew had only three brief windows of favourable weather to work with. Despite these difficulties, their determination and efficiency ensured the project's successful completion. This achievement underscores our commitment to overcoming obstacles to enhance healthcare services.

Our teams took great pride in painting and preparing the Wilson-Thomson Helipad, knowing the difference it will make in emergency medical services for the Isle of Mull and beyond. We celebrate the collaboration and community spirit that brought this project to fruition and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on patient care and emergency response times.

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