Collaborative Excellence in Urban Infrastructure

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In collaboration with Tarmac West Yorkshire for the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, our Bradford crew successfully completed a transformative project over two-night shifts. Tarmac led the resurfacing efforts, and Jointline added the finishing touch, creating a meticulously marked urban landscape.

The project involved extensive line marking, including 1000 linear meters of vibrant yellow 100m solid line, a yellow box junction, 1700 linear meters of 100mm intermittent white line, junction stop bars, 435 meters of roadside hatchings, 3 triangles, pedestrian crossing zigzags, 2 turn arrows, and 4 cycle symbols.

Working during the night, our team aimed to minimise disruptions to road users and local businesses, showcasing our commitment to maintaining urban life during construction.

The finished works not only demonstrate our craftsmanship but also enhance the safety and functionality of the road network, benefiting road users and pedestrians in the City of Bradford.

Our Bradford crew's dedication and professionalism played a pivotal role in this success, reflecting our commitment to excellence in the highways line marking sector.

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to future collaborations that contribute to elevating urban infrastructure standards. Jointline remains dedicated to shaping the future of urban environments through precise and impactful road markings.


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