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We have lots of experience carrying out internal line marking in locations such as warehouses, factories and multi-storey car parks to name but a few.  We realise that time is of the essence when carrying out these works. We will work with you to reduce downtime for the area in question so that it can return to service as quickly as possible, keeping loss of productivity and disruption to a minimum.

For internal line marking, we have a vast array of solutions, including:

SolidLux Internal Instant UV Cure Coatings

Some places never get a rest. In areas where activity continues 24/7, installing floor markings is a challenge. After years of research, a ground-breaking innovation has now arrived: a rapid action floor coating that is fully UV cured and 100% load resistant, immediately after installation. SolidLux Instant Coating. Minimum disturbance, maximum time efficiency.

With minimal work area downtime, new line markings are fully load resistant both chemically and mechanically within minutes. The ultimate solution for production areas, distribution warehouses, cold storage and deep-freezing cells. With SolidLux, every floor can be treated rapidly to meet relevant safety and workplace standards with only a minimum of disturbance.

Advantages of SolidLux

  • Significant time gains 
  • Evacuation or shut-down not necessary in most cases
  • Minimum or no delays or loss of turnover 
  • Suitable for use on floors in cold storage
  • Available in 7 vibrant colours
  • Instantly resistant to mechanical and chemical impact
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors 
  • Anti-slip finish available 
  • No taint


Epoxy Resin Flooring Systems

Any of our painted line marking systems can be used for internal line marking. However, we can install and mark up epoxy resin based flooring systems for the whole site.  Epoxy resin flooring systems are hard wearing, easy to clean, have anti-static properties and are in some sectors, particularly the food industry, a must from a health & safety and hygiene point of view. Not only can we install your complete epoxy resin flooring system but are happy to be on hand to perform on-going maintenance.

Whether you are designing a flooring scheme from scratch or just need existing internal line markings refreshed, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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