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Overbanding is a process used to seal cracks in a road or surface which may be 

  • spontaneous from wear and tear and require repair; or 
  • where works have been carried out and the joint between the old surface and new surface need sealing

Overbanding these cracks is vital and serves to prevent damage and surface fretting from water, dirt or spillage penetration. Overbanding effectively seals the join and overlaps the two sides of the join up to 200mm. This ensures that nothing can get into the crack and further degrade the surface.

Jointline deliver overbanding in two different methods:

  1. Using hot applied Bituminous material to seal and overband the crack
  2. Using cold applied resins

The method chosen will depend on the project characteristics; the type of materials either side of the crack to be overbanded and how the surface is used i.e. car park versus airport fuelling area.

Jointline take health & safety very seriously and both of their overbanding methods are HAPAS approved, with high skid resistance values necessary to conform to requirements. This helps prevent any road users from slipping or skidding on the overbanded area particularly in wet conditions.

If you have any questions about overbanding or would like to talk to us about a project you have in mind please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Project: RAF Leeming

Runway maintenance includes joint sealing, overbanding, construction of FOD boxes, De-rubberisation and line marking. RAF Leeming, a Royal Air Force…

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