Project: RAF Leeming

Runway maintenance includes joint sealing, overbanding, construction of FOD boxes, De-rubberisation and line marking.

RAF Leeming, a Royal Air Force station located in North Yorkshire, England, serves as an important hub for British air defense operations. However, like any infrastructure, it requires regular and effective maintenance to ensure its operational effectiveness. In order to meet these demands, RAF Leeming called upon the expertise of Jointline, a specialist in infrastructure maintenance and repair.

The project at RAF Leeming involved extensive joint sealing to existing and new concrete joints. The scope of the work included the installation of 25,000 meters of cold applied fuel resistant sealant, the cleaning of existing joints, saw cutting where necessary, and the application of a substrate bond breaker. In addition, other maintenance tasks such as runway overbanding, construction of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) boxes, de-rubberisation, and airfield line marking were required.

The Challenge

The project's timeline was estimated to be around six weeks. One of the unique challenges of this project was that the work had to be carried out on a live defense base. This required coordination with moving aircraft, military personnel, and adaptation to varying weather conditions - factors that could potentially cause disruptions, delays, and safety risks if not properly managed.

The Solution

Leveraging their skilled operatives, Jointline took a systematic and disciplined approach to executing the project. The team worked closely with the RAF personnel to ensure the safety of all parties involved while maintaining the continuity of the operations on the base.

Firstly, an effective work schedule was designed, considering the movement of the aircraft and the on-site military personnel. The team then began the work of sealing the joints, installing the cold applied fuel resistant sealant, cleaning, saw cutting, and applying the substrate bond breaker. In addition, they conducted the necessary runway maintenance, constructed FOD boxes, performed de-rubberisation, and carried out airfield line marking.

Throughout the process, Jointline adhered to stringent safety protocols and maintained open and effective lines of communication with RAF personnel, ensuring minimum disruption to the base's operations.

The Benefits

The successful completion of the project brought a number of significant benefits to RAF Leeming.

Improved Infrastructure: The application of cold applied fuel resistant sealant and other necessary maintenance works ensured the longevity and functionality of the base’s infrastructure, decreasing the likelihood of future costly and disruptive repairs.

Operational Continuity: Despite the extensive work carried out, Jointline's disciplined and strategic approach allowed RAF Leeming to continue its operations uninterrupted, ensuring that the base could fulfill its defense commitments without disruption.

Safety Enhancement: The construction of FOD boxes and other maintenance activities helped to further improve the safety standards on the base, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall operational safety.

In conclusion, this case study highlights the expertise and dedication of Jointline in successfully carrying out complex maintenance works under challenging conditions. Their effective planning, communication, and execution have significantly improved RAF Leeming's infrastructure and operational safety, demonstrating the value of their services to clients operating in sensitive and demanding environments.


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