UoN Flood Mitigation Scheme


The University of Nottingham Flood Mitigation and Car Park Regeneration Project was a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary undertaking. It addressed the urgent need for extensive remedial work in the main visitor's car park and implemented flood mitigation measures for the George Green Library, prompted by a significant flooding incident during an extreme weather event.

The Challenge:

The challenges faced were twofold. In Phase 1, the car park renovation involved critical tasks such as the replacement of the existing wearing course, the introduction of a new surface drainage system, the strategic placement of planter areas, and the reshaping of the perimeter.

Concurrently, the George Green Library confronted the aftermath of a severe flooding incident, which necessitated substantial repairs, including furniture replacement, and temporarily shut down to its services.

The Results:

During Phase 1, the project featured the installation of upstream hydroplanters within the car park. These hydroplanters, connected through 110mm pipework integrated with a newly established surface water sewer system. Runoff water was directed through a 100mm angular stone filter to control flow, then to an infiltration basin soakaway facilitated by an Althon H3C 1.5m headwall. This basin retains water, allowing it to percolate into attenuation tanks, while an additional drainage pipe system fed cellular soakaway attenuation tanks. An overflow system was established to connect the basin with the existing drainage network, ensuring optimal drainage management.

Furthermore, the main car park area was resurfaced with bituminous macadam, and fresh thermoplastic car park line markings were introduced, clearly delineating parking bays, including 10 for disabled users and efficient traffic flow directions.

Phase 2, which is currently underway, encompasses the construction of a new accessible pedestrian ramp, including the casting of foundations, a brick retaining wall, access steps, and a guard rail. The existing drainage system will be upgraded, with new paving and kerbing introduced, and both the library and car park areas resurfaced. The project will conclude with the installation of durable planting to act as a protective screen against soil washout from the bank.

This transformative project has not only enhanced the University of Nottingham's infrastructure but also provided significant flood mitigation capabilities. Ensuring the safety and convenience of all those who utilise the car park and the George Green Library.



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