Oakwood Park Refurbishment

The Oakwood Park Refurbishment project was initiated by Derby City Council with the objective of enhancing the accessibility, safety, and overall usability of the park. The project encompassed significant upgrades to the park's infrastructure, including the installation of new footpaths, kerbs, drainage systems, and various park amenities.

The Challenge

Derby City Council identified several key issues that needed addressing to improve Oakwood Park. The existing footpaths were inadequate, suffering from wear and tear, and insufficient for accommodating large vehicles for park events. Additionally, accessibility for disabled visitors required enhancement, and various park amenities, including bins and benches, needed upgrading to better serve the community. A significant challenge was the park's inadequate drainage system, which led to excessive pooling of water in various areas, rendering parts of the park unusable during and after rainfall. The project had to ensure minimal disruption to park users and protect the park's natural environment throughout the refurbishment process.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, a comprehensive refurbishment plan was executed. The primary solution involved the widening and resurfacing of footpaths to ensure durability and accessibility. New drop kerbs were installed from the car park to provide level access, and additional removable bollards were placed for better traffic management within the park. Specific areas around lamp posts, benches, and waste bins were reinforced with tarmac infills and wooden edgings to enhance stability and longevity. To address the drainage issues, new drainage systems were installed in areas prone to water pooling, including land drainage pipes beneath localised wet spots and reinforced edgings to prevent erosion. A detailed traffic management strategy was implemented to maintain safety during the construction phase. Additionally, the project included the re-lining of car park spaces to create designated disabled parking bays.

The Benefits

The refurbishment of Oakwood Park has yielded numerous benefits for the Derby City community. The upgraded footpaths now provide safe and accessible routes for all park visitors, including those with disabilities. The improved infrastructure supports large vehicles, facilitating the hosting of various events without damaging the park grounds. Enhanced drainage systems have resolved previous waterlogging issues, ensuring the park remains usable in all weather conditions and reducing the risk of excessive pooling of water. The installation of new bins, benches, and signage has improved the park's amenities, contributing to a cleaner and more enjoyable environment for visitors. Overall, the project has significantly boosted the park's functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal, aligning with Derby City Council's commitment to providing high-quality public spaces.


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