Demolition & Construction Works

Regeneration of an unused garage site in Stamford was needed to provide additional off-road parking for the local residents.

Jointline Construction were employed to remove all the existing garages and provide a suitable boundary fence to the resident’s adjacent gardens, then resurfacing to the entire area to create a suitable parking area.

The constraints to this site were both environmentally and logistically due to working in close proximity to the public and private gardens. The safe removal of asbestos was the first challenge due to the age of the garages, with asbestos in the roof, wall`s and sealant of the garages. Once all traces of asbestos had been professionally removed Jointline Construction erected specialist protection to ensure the surrounding houses, gardens and public would be safe from the upcoming demolition works.

Working in a tight and confined space Jointline Construction demolished 16 number garages and disposed of the waste in accordance with the Waste Management Act. The concrete was crushed and recycled, and all metals were placed in separate skips for recycling.

‘Hit and Miss’ fencing was installed to the residents boundaries to create a decorative landscape before the Asphalt resurfacing was laid.

Installation of a soakaway was created to prevent the surface water run off going into the highway drainage system, this was captured by means of installing Aco drains. The carpark was completed with installation of 20mm DBBC and 10mm DBWC to the correct level.


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