Instant Curing UV Markings in Ireland

Jointline have been busy in the recent weeks, undertaking Instant UV Curing of internal line marking works in Cork on the island of Ireland! The large project saw our crews completing thousands of metres of numbered pallet storage bays, pedestrian walkways with logos and other segregation markings to assist the control of inbound / outbound deliveries, and providing safe walking routes around the site. 

Jointline is an approved and one of the most experienced installers of RapidShield™, this revolutionary line marking system that has been designed specifically for use within industrial warehouses and distribution centres where durability and minimal down time is of high importance. The RapidShield™ system consists of a resin film, that is cured instantly when exposed to high intensity ultra-violet (UV) light, allowing the return to work immediately, the lines can be installed at very low temperatures and ideally suited to cool and cold rooms. RapidShield™ is a 100% solids coating with no solvents, zero VOC and is non-hazardous and very safe for our installation teams and for our customers when working in live warehouses.

For more information on our internal line marking systems, or our RapidShield™ UV Curing products please click here or call us on 01522 868636


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