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Customer Care During Construction - Contractor's Code.

1.      Introduction

1.1          The Employer places great emphasis on customer care during construction.   This code outlines the Contractor’s role and prescribes specific duties to be      undertaken. 

1.2          The Contractor’s Code is deemed to form part of the Contract.


2.      Method Of Working

2.1     One-pass working methods shall normally be employed. 

2.1          The creation of areas of inactivity within the working areas shall be avoided     

2.2          The storage of materials in the public areas will not be permitted.

2.3          Access to private properties affected by the works, should be maintained at all times   Where this is not practical, alternative arrangements shall be made through the Engineer with any residents affected by the works and contingency plans agreed.

2.4          Only clear, clean and undamaged information signage, barriers, hoardings and fences shall be used.   All signs that become vandalised shall be replaced/re-erected on a daily basis.

2.5          The Works shall be maintained in a tidy condition and all loose surface material/detritus matter shall be swept up at least on a daily basis.


3.          Plant

3.1          The contractors shall only use plant which is suitable for the local environment and the size of the task.  He shall obtain the consent of the Engineer for the use of any proposed items of plant.

3.2          Particular attention shall be paid to the following:-

3.2.1     Size of the plant

3.2.2     Noise levels

3.2.3     Exhaust emissions

3.2.4     Manoeuvrability

3.2.5     Potential danger to the public

3.2.6     Possible damage to property


4.      Notification

4.1          Possession of the site and subsequent phases will not be granted until the end of the period of notice. The phases of construction shall be as         indicated on the programme submitted to the Engineer

4.2          The contractor shall operate, so far as is practicable, in accordance with the programme of works.   Where any changes become necessary at short notice the contractor shall notify the Engineer as soon as possible.   The Engineer will then inform customers as necessary.

5.      Employees

5.1          The Contractor’s key site staff shall be issued with some form of identification which include a photograph and shall be worn at all times when on site.   All of the Contractor’s employees shall wear some form of identification (e.g. a logo) on outer high visibility clothing or headgear.

5.2          The use of “industrial” language on site will not be permitted.

5.3          Contractor's employees shall treat all customers with utmost courtesy and respect at all times.   Any reasonable requests from customers shall be complied with.   Other requests, and those which could involve additional costs, shall be referred to the Engineer.   The Engineer may require the removal from site of any employee who fails to maintain the required    standard of conduct.

5.4          High visibility clothing shall be worn at all times (minimum allowable is a vest) “bare chested” working will not be permitted even during times of hot weather.

5.5          The Borough Council has a strict policy on Health and Safety issues.

5.6          Any employee not adhering to their Company’s Health and Safety shall be removed from the site immediately.


6.      Complaints

6.1          All customer complaints, whether verbal or in writing, shall be referred to the Engineer within two hours.


7.      Customer liaison

7.1          The contractor shall comply with all reasonable requests by the Engineer to take part in liaison with Customer Groups, school, etc.


8.      Sub-contractors

8.1          The Contractor shall instruct all sub-contractors to comply with the requirements of this code.

8.2          The Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that sub-contractors comply with the requirements of this code.

8.3          Contractors are reminded that only sub-contractors approved by the Engineer will be allowed to work under terms of this Contract.


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